The Intangible Series is an ongoing form study exploring the possibilities of procedural modeling and animation. Started in June 2017, each study has been made within a day and focusing on one single idea. While being entirely made in 3D, the series retains some of the limitations of physical sculpture as it deploys itself within a particular space, using only one type of material at a time. Each study is made so that hypothetically the 3D rendered work could be turned into a physical sculpture. The starting point for this series was the lack of studio and storage space and the difficulties of working in sculpture in a space-limited city like Tokyo.
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Intangible VII

Intangible VIII

Intangible V

Intangible VI

Intangible III

Intangible IV

Intangible I

Intangible II

A selection of material sculptures and installations which exist or existed in time and space.

Tour #1, #2 Tour #1, #2 Tour #1, #2 Tour #1, #2

Iron Nails Ran In (Mass)

Material proposition of the Iron Nails Ran In (Trace) series. Similarly to its counterpart, it consists of voronoi based forms consisting of 12 irregular pentagones and are casted in bronze. On the image below are a set of early prototypes made in plaster.

Tour #1, #2 Tour #1, #2 Tour #1, #2


A series of light, chaotic iron structures. Horizontal and Vertical. Ranging from 2m20 to 5m50. First prototyped in 3D and then welded together.

Take Shelter Take Shelter Take Shelter

Take Shelter

Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #2 (Squelette) Fin de partie #1 Taian (Squelette)

Fin de partie

Ecorché Ecorché Ecorché

Ecorché (Mass)

Le Faste des Morts

Le faste des morts

Idée Césarienne, 2013, Luigi Honorat

Idée Césarienne

"Comme une cesarienne qui n'accouche de rien" or translated to english: "Like a caesarian which gives birth to nothing". Those words are from Francois Noudelmann, he was referring to Yukio Mishima in his book, Tombeaux. This work was both inspired from the read of "Tombeaux" and "Sun and Steel from Yukio Mishima.

L'homme qui marche, 2011. Luigi Honorat Haine, 2012. Luigi Honorat

L'homme qui marche/Haine

A selection of prints, movies and virtual reality installations. While always being done in three dimensions, the output of those works remain two dimensional.

Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3

Iron Nails Ran In (Trace)

This series is following the first scanned clay experiment I did with the Crane/Chair/Peau series. Here the skull is constrained within a voronoi based form consisting of 12 irregular pentagones. For each print, a different plane is facing the viewer, that plane is placed so that I would appear parralel to the frame.

Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3 Fin de partie #3


This series is done using scanned clay sculpture using photogrammetry techniques. Each layers has been sculpted in clay by hand before being scanned and sculpted further. They are displayed as tryptic, print on photographic paper and mounted on acrylic frames.

Fin de partie #3


In June 2016 Radiohead proposed to anybody to make a short video using an alternative instrumental version of their song Daydreaming. This short video is a remix or a retake of the existing datas resulting from the Crane/Chair/Peau series. The video is entirely rendered in 3D.




Ex Nihilo (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko)

Métempsycose Métempsycose


Métempsycose is french for metempsychosis, the transmigration of the soul. The word itself sounds similar to “meta psycose”, which means “beyond the psychosis”. The work tries to reflect on the contemporary approach to the virtual, the false, and the desire. This work is an audio-visual interactive installation. The structure consists of two sheets of tatami, computer, headphones and a virtual reality head-mount device. What you see through the head-mount is a traditional Japanese house. The space is recreated in 3D with photograph-based textures. You can see at 360° when turning your head, which gives the feeling of sitting right inside the space. Through the headphones you hear the sound of the environment. There are two ways of seeing this work. One is becoming part of the installation itself, entering the virtual reality of the room. The second one would be to watch another person experiencing it. Both angles have a certain kind of uncanniness to it. Knowing of the existence of a virtual world inside gives you the feeling of empathy.

Écorché #5 Butoh (Instalation) Écorché #5 Butoh (Extract #1) Écorché #5 Butoh (Extract #2) Écorché #5 Butoh (Extract #3) Écorché #5 Butoh (Extract #4) Écorché #5 Butoh (Extract #5)

Écorché #5 Butoh

This project started as Virtual Reality installation. It was first done with an Oculus Rift DK1 back in 2013 and have been since updated for modern headsets. A performance of Butoh was recorded using an infrared 3D scanner. Selected poses surround the viewer. Inspired by the early chronophotography projects, this piece was an attempt to record the spacial quality of the performance.

Écorché #1, #2 Écorché #1, #2 Écorché #1, #2


Variéras - Naufrage

From the Solstice EP
Music by Variéras
Performance by Nisan Berkol
Composed by Variéras, mixed by Cedric Steffens & mastered by Alex Debuchy

Micka Luna ft. Adrian Utley - Sleeping Pills

From the 11 Album
Written by Micka Luna
Vocals, ondes by Micka Luna
Synthesizers by Adrian Utley, Ruben Martinez & Rodrikson
Backing vocals, piano by Rodrikson
Bass by Nat Gonzalez
Drums by Hector Bardisa

Ian Chang - Zoetrope

From the 属 Belonging Album
Music by Ian Chang
Guitar by Rafiq Bhatia
Mixed by Ryan Lott
Mastered by Heba Kadry

Apple - iMac Pro Film

Music by Massive Attack, Angel procedurally remixed by Fantom

L'Envers #4 L'Envers #5 L'Envers #6

L'Envers #1 L'Envers #2 L'Envers #3

Born in Paris in 1986
Currently based in Tokyo
Lecturer at the Musashino Art University




2015 - 2017   Musashino Art University, MA Sculpture
2011 - 2015   Musashino Art University, BA Sculpture


2017   Agora at the r-2 Gallery with the 2A1 Collective, Paris, France
2017   Tokyo Gobiten at the National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
2017   Musashino Art University Master Graduation Show, Tokyo, Japan
2016   Umwelt at the Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2016   Superficialités at RR, Tokyo, Japan
2015   Ome Art Festival, Ome, Japan
2015   Art Site Iwamuro Onsen, Niigata, Japan
2015   Tokyo Gobiten at the National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
2015   Musashino Art University Graduation Show, Tokyo, Japan


2015   Takashi Shimizu Award